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Our Story

- Brianna

In the late 2010's, my family started searching for our own family pet, as well as a companion for my husband, who is a combat rated Army veteran.  We also wanted a hypoallergenic puppy with minimal shedding as our oldest son has asthma.  Our research led us to Australian Labradoodles and we found our girl, River, who was with Jan Probus at Shedless in Seattle in Spokane, WA.  River quickly won our hearts with her many, many amazing qualities...her spunk, her empathy, and the way her fur feels under your fingers.  She has been the perfect addition to our family...and I knew the world just needed more of her!


Our family moved to the Emerald Coast in Florida in 2021, and this is where I started Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles, with the goal of reaching both families and the veteran community in the area.  I've experienced first hand just how much a dog can change a life as I've watched River and my husband bond and care for each other.  I know one (or two!) can change yours as well!

At Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles, my desire is to breed our dogs to have friendly dispositions, high emotional intelligence, low to non shedding coats and who fit in seamlessly as incredible pets, emotional support animals and service dogs.

We are a small breeder, focused on delivering forever family members, companions and heart healers.  We serve all of Florida and the entirety of the United States with our "puppy nanny" delivery service.

Apricot Australian Labradoodle Puppy
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