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Why do multigenerational Australian Labradoodles make great pets?

Multigenerational Australian Labradoodles are well known for their fantastic coats with low to non shedding qualities.  They have incredible personalities and traits that make them wonderful additions for individuals, families, young couples, retirees and veterans. Our experience with multigenerational Australian Labradoodles is that they are incredibly intelligent, both mentally and emotionally.  They are playful, easygoing and just so much fun.  They love their people hard!  They also make incredible service and therapy dogs.

When will you have your next litter of multigenerational Australian Labradoodle puppies?

Our current litter (Beachy Keen Summer) was born in July and will go home in September!  We anticipate our next litter arriving in the winter/spring of 2024.

What is included in the cost?

     - An amazing new family member and friend

     - A puppy raised on curriculum that gives them a solid foundation and head start

     - One of my favorite puppy training and rearing books

     - Two year health guarantee

     - Age appropriate vaccines and deworming and any vet records

     - Microchip already implanted with easy registration

     - Copy of Veterinary Health Well Check Exam (Official FL State Form FDACS-09085)​

     - Training treats and a clicker to get started

     - A blanket with mom's/littermates' smell

     - A fun toy/chew

     - 30 days of FREE pet insurance through Trupanion with no waiting periods

     - ALAA Registration and copies of pedigree, once proof of spay/neuter is completed

Why do multigenerational Australian Labradoodles cost more than some other dogs?

There is so much groundwork being laid before you take your little bundle of fluff home!  Healthy dams and sires come at a high cost, as well as the extensive health testing done before each dog is allowed to breed, including imaging on hips and elbows, genetic testing to help prevent the passing on of unwanted defects, DNA profiling and more!  Much is done to make sure our breeding dogs are kept at the peak of health not only during pregnancy but through their entire life as well.  Your puppy will have already been examined by a vet and given age appropriate care.  We follow the guidance of two internationally proven training programs (Puppy Culture and Badass Breeder) during their first few months of life in our home which results in happy, well rounded puppies who make amazing pets.  Each week your puppy is with us they will be exposed to age appropriate touch, smells, sounds, tactile experiences, people and play.  They will begin building relationships, learning boundaries, potty training and crate training.  We are constantly educating ourselves to assure that we are doing the best that we can as a breeder.  Furthermore, multigenerational Australian Labradoodles have been bred to have the most desirable and highly valued coat for the breed...low to non shedding...which means that lots of time and money has been invested in the generations before.

What is the cost of a multigenerational Australian Labradoodle puppy from Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles?

$3,000 plus Florida state and Santa Rosa county sales tax (7%)** (please see asterisk below)

Please note that after receipt of your application, Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles LLC will send you an invoice for your deposit.  Upon receipt, we will review your application and contact references if needed.  If we approve your application you will be placed on our waiting list.  If we choose not to sell you a puppy, your deposit will be refunded to you in full.  Should you choose not to proceed with the purchase, your deposit will be forfeit.  

Payment of $1,250.00 is due when the puppy is 2 weeks old. Final payment of $1,460.00 (this includes the FL sales tax of 7%, which equals $210.00) is due when the puppy is six weeks old. Payment must be made in a timely manner.  You will receive an invoice when payments are due.  Funds must clear our banks before the puppy will be released from our care.

**With the exception of puppies who are going to be in our guardian program, puppies who are with us beyond 10 weeks old will come at a higher cost.  This is because we will continue to work with and train them every day.  We believe that much in the quality of our puppies and the value that our curriculum brings (please see our "Training" page)!

Do you offer a discount to anyone?

We offer a 10% discount to veterans and active duty members of the military as well as our local first responders and beach lifeguards.  Proof of service/employment will be required.

Do I get to choose my puppy?

At Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles, it is incredibly important to us that our puppies go into homes that will be the best match...for both the puppy and their new family!  It is easy to fall in love with a particular puppy based on aesthetics alone, but there are so many other important factors to consider!  Are you an active family?  A family who loves the out of doors?  Do you have a quiet home?  A loud home?  Lots of kids?  Do you work outside of the home during the day?  Do you have other dogs in the home who a new puppy might mirror?  All these factors are important!  During the first eight weeks of each puppy's life, we carefully observe and test their personalities and temperaments and try our best to match them to you by guiding you towards a puppy we feel would be the best fit for you and your family.  It may mean you end up with a different gender or color than you were initially looking for, but we trust that this is the best method for happy dogs and owners!  You are welcome to tell us your top choices or any that you absolutely don't want.  

Some examples: An assertive dog may walk up to a stuffed toy a child is holding and instantly take it, while a submissive pup will walk slowly, check to see if anyone is watching, and give you or your child time to say "no".  A pup with low touch tolerance does not "love" a lot of physical affection and may do best in a home without young children. A dog with low human focus might do best in a busy household where they need to be more "independent" in their play and attention and do not have a desire to constantly be at someone's feet or in their lap.  A puppy with high energy needs more mental stimulation and physical activity and needs an active owner.  These traits are not inherently good or bad.  Just like people, dogs come with different personalities.  It is simply a matter of placing them in a home that will best honor that personality.  Remember, there is no "perfect" puppy.  Every puppy will encounter setbacks in their training and conditioning.  Just like us, they are always a work in progress!

Does anyone ever get preference in puppy selection?

Yes!  An applicant looking for a service dog...we will work with the program that they will be using to make the best match...and future hopeful breeding dogs.

How do I apply to get on your waiting list?

You can fill out an application on our GoodDog Breeder page: (Application).  After we receive your application, we will send you an invoice for your deposit.  We will not process your application or add you to our waiting list until your deposit is received.  After we have received your application and your deposit, we will process your application and contact references if necessary.  If we choose not to sell a puppy to you, your deposit will be refunded in full.  Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles has the right to refuse to sell a puppy to anyone, for any reason and at any time.

I've been notified that a puppy is coming available and I'm on the waiting list for the litter, but our life situation has changed and we aren't ready for a puppy right at the moment or we've decided we no longer want to purchase a puppy.

Being a veteran family, we understand that life happens...and we want you to welcome a new puppy into your home when the time is right!  We allow those on our waiting list to "pass" once...meaning that they can move their deposit from one litter to the next litter to give them more time to prepare.  We only allow this once.  After that your deposit and any monies paid will be forfeit.  This is due to the time and costs that have gone into the process so far, as well as the fact that we have most likely turned away another family who could have taken your spot on the waiting list.  The same (forfeiture) applies to any monies paid if you decide you no longer wish to purchase a puppy from Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles.

Can I read your Contract and Health Warranty?

Yes.  We encourage you to read it before applying for our wait list.  You can view our Contract and Health Warranty here: (Contract and Health Warranty)

Can we visit your dogs and puppies?

Our breeding dogs live with us in our own home or in homes with their guardian families.  Puppies are raised in our home where they get lots of love and attention and are exposed to a variety of sights and sounds and situations.  While we do encourage families purchasing a puppy from us to meet the litter once when the puppies are around six weeks old and then again on "gotcha day", we are an active family with a busy schedule and that can make it hard to fit in frequent or last minute visits.  We also limit visitors for the health and safety of our puppies who still have very fragile systems.  We try our best to provide many updates on litters on our social media sites.  

How do I get my puppy?

We offer several options!

     1. Ground transportation.  We will drive to you!  We can either meet you at your home or meet halfway.

         Ground transportation costs $.80 per mile up to 120 miles (240 miles round trip).  For longer distances we           require an extra $250 to allow for overnight accommodations.

     2. Meet at Pensacola airport.

         You fly to us and we will meet you at our local airport for the delivery.  This option costs $50.  We can                 provide the carrier and any other flight essentials for $175 (delivery included).  We typically only                           recommend this option if you can get a non stop flight home.  Do not book flights until your final puppy           payment has cleared our bank and we have an appointment scheduled with our vet for your puppy to                 receive their vet health exam certificate.

     3.  We fly to you!  This option typically costs $500 to $1200 in order to cover the cost of tickets, insurance                and overnight accommodations for certain flights.  For many owners the cost is worth it.  It can be easier            on the puppies to have a familiar face during transportation.

     4. Local pick up at our home in Navarre, FL.  If you are local, we can also help arrange a porch puppy                     surprise for your family at minimal cost!  THIS IS OUR PREFERRED METHOD

Should I buy insurance for my puppy?

Absolutely!  I cannot recommend it enough!  We have personally used both Pet's Best insurance and Trupanion and have had wonderful experiences with them and quick processing and payment times for claims.  Having had it, I would never go without it again.

What food should I feed my puppy?

At Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles, we feed our dogs TLC Pet Food.


Choosing the right food to feed your new pet is crucial to their overall health and well-being and should be done with careful thought and consideration.

This is one of the many reasons why we choose to feed and proudly recommend TLC Pet Food. Delivering the ultimate balance of quality meats, animal fats, vitamins, and minerals, TLC provides everything your pet needs to develop into a strong, healthy, and energetic companion.

Why Choose TLC Pet Food?

  • Premium quality pet food, made using wholesome, natural ingredients

  • Delivered fresh and delivered FREE to your door

  • No risk, money-back guarantee

  • Schedule using Autoship and never worry about running out of food!

SAVE $5 OFF Your First Order When You Use Our Link!

How do I train my puppy?

Well, the good news is, we've already laid some amazing groundwork for your puppy at Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles.  Now it's up to you to continue with the foundation that your puppy has built!

We are super excited to announce we have officially teamed up with BAXTER & Bella and their exclusive online puppy school!


This online dog training program provides everything needed in order to achieve better animal ownership and experience the very best in canine companionship, including a STEP-BY-STEP PROGRAM to follow, CLASSES & COURSES to attend, GAMES to play, ACTIVITIES for successful socialization, unlimited LIVE! HELP with their team of professional trainers, as well as so much more!

We highly recommend it and you can save 25% instantly by entering discount code: BOURBONROSE



We work hard to properly prepare your puppy for you, going to great lengths to start them on the pathway toward healthiness and happiness - we are talking about training and a lot of it! THE BAXTER & Bella ONLINE PUPPY SCHOOL is perfect for this! Just imagine a program that helps provide a seamless transition from us to you, and is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you how to train. Not only will you learn the skills you need to be successful, but your puppy will learn the manners and behaviors they will need for living life in a human world. What's more, the program is designed for you to begin prior to picking up your puppy and it's recommended you get signed up right away.

Amy, who is the owner and creator of BAXTER & Bella, is also a certified professional dog trainer, has a background in education and teaches you exactly what to do and how to do it... it's honestly a game-changing resource!


Again, we are really excited to be able to offer special pricing on this incredible online training program and hope you will sign up today, begin preparing now and properly prepare for your upcoming journey toward becoming best friends through love and learning with your pup soon!

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