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Guardian Homes and Puppies

Guardian homes are paramount to our success as a breeding program!  It is a great opportunity for a family to get a pick of the litter puppy at a great price.


How does our guardian program work?

Whenever we have a possible future breeding dog in a litter, we look for a very special home to place them.  This comes as a benefit to both the puppy and the guardian provides our breeding dogs with all the love and attention they could possibly need by limiting the number of dogs that we have in our own home, and it provides a family with an amazing Australian Labradoodle at a reduced cost.  It also completely eliminates any transitional stress by not having to find the dog a new home after they retire had they remained with us during their early breeding years.

Guardian homes are the dog's forever family.  The puppy will go to live with their guardian family after 8 weeks of age and the family will provide the dog with training, socialization, proper nutrition and care.  The guardian home is responsible for routine veterinary care, food and grooming costs, but any veterinary costs associated with breeding are covered by Bourbon Rose Australian Labradoodles LLC. 

Guardian puppies are priced at $1750 and is paid in two parts.  $1000 of the guardian puppy price is due at the time the guardian home is selected and considered as a deposit.  The remainder of the guardian puppy price is due when the dog is fully released to the guardian home, either because we have chosen not to breed the dog or because the dog is ready to retire from our program (so usually within 1-5 years for females or 1-8 years for males).  This final payment is due within 60 days of our decision to not breed or at the time we decide to retire the dog and payment must clear before ownership will be released to the guardian family.

We do offer a $250 credit to guardian homes who complete Good Canine Citizen training and receive their certification.



When the dog is ready to breed, they will return to us for a short time, and then return to their guardian home for the majority of their pregnancy.  During this time there will be new care and feeding instructions to be followed.  Around a week before the dog's expected due date, the dog will return to our home to deliver and then raise her litter.  They may be away from their guardian home for up to nine weeks.  Usually guardian families are able to visit during this time.  Once puppies are weaned, the dog will return to her guardian home. Females will typically be contracted for around three to four litters, after which they will be spayed at our cost and released to their guardian family to live out the rest of their lives.


For breeding, the dog will return to us for a short time (a few days to weeks), sometimes in our home and sometimes out of the area if we are traveling for stud services.  Males are typically contracted for more litters and for longer periods, after which they will be neutered at our cost and released to their guardian family to live out the rest of their lives.

If for any reason we choose not to breed a dog that is living in a guardian home, the guardian family is responsible for spay/neuter costs, after which the dog will be released to their family.

To be considered as a guardian home you must meet the following:

     - Live within one hour of our home in Navarre, FL and no plans to move for the next five years (possibly                 longer for males)

     - Have a fully fenced yard (no electric/underground fencing)

     - Have prior dog experience or an eagerness to learn

     - Have someone home during most of the day

     - Be a non smoking household

     - Have strong character references

     - Own your primary place of residence

     - Have no other intact male/female dogs in the home

     - Be willing and able to provide routine, approved veterinary care, grooming and food for your puppy

     - Be willing and able to provide a healthy, active lifestyle for your puppy

     - Be willing and able to train and socialize your puppy (this includes crate training)

     - Be willing to undergo a background check if requested

     - Use TLC puppy/dog food (unless dietary issues arise for the dog requiring a change)

     - Pay for pet insurance (we carry the insurance with Trupanion, who we get a great rate and policy                         through as a member of the ALAA, and guardian families are billed once each year for the entire year)

     - Use the veterinarian of our choice (or agreed upon veterinarian) for ease of record keeping

     - Be willing to routinely check in every month and allow us to visit your home a few times a                                      year...communication is important!

When we have a puppy coming available for a guardian home, we will post information on our website and on social media!  Applications for guardian homes are not taken on a first come, first serve basis.  We will select the home that we feel will be the best match for the guardian puppy. 

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